Embroidered Black And White Collection From Gul Ahmed Summer 2015 Vol.2

Black and White, these two colors are obviously the perfect contrast to each other. White represents bright and busy days which are supposed to be spend by all the living creatures on the earth  in search of food or living and performing essential chores . Black, on the other hand, represents sometime starry and sometime moonless gloomy nights which are made for rest and sleep . So, we can say that despite being perfect contrast to each other, both of these colors have their own significance, beauty and charm in our lives. Moreover, these two colors have one thing in common.  Yes, these are the colors which are equally loved by a huge population of the world regardless language, nation, gender, religion or age. It is of course, extremely difficult to find any person around who displays anyhow his or her distaste for any of these colors.

This summer Gul Ahmed, a leading textile goods producer of South Asia, has attempted to pay a tribute to these  two beautiful and important colors of the universe by launching a separate collection under the title of Gul Ahmed Embroidered Black And White Collection.
Lovely Dress from Gul Ahmed Embroidered Black and White Collection
This collection is of course,  a very small part of Gul Ahmed’s Summer 2015 Vol. 2 and composed of only a few unstitched lawn dresses which are charectrized by chic prints and exclusively glamorous back and white color combinations. Further, along with black and white, you can find a tinge of maroon and orange in the same collection.  Each item in this collection is composed of  a shirt with intricately embroidered front, printed back and printed  sleeves. Like shirts, Dupattas which have been included in this collection, are  too showing the magic of black and white with remarkably stylish prints. Further, all the items have dyed Shalwars or trousers and provided with extra embroidered panel or awesome decorative lace that is supposed to be used in additional decoration. So join hands with Gul Ahmed and pay tribute to the most beautiful colors of the universe.

Stylish Lawn Suits In Black & White From Gul Ahmed Summer 2015 Vol.2

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