Firdous Korean Lawn 2015 (Soft and Lovely Summer Dresses For Women)

Firdous is very well famous for its innovation and modernity in the field of textile. Almost  every season of each  year, both men and women have something new and stylish to wear from Firdous. That is presicely why, it has become the habit of most of our male and female friends to look toward Firdous for something remarkably stylish in each and every season that could enhance their beauty and charm and at the same time could give them great amount of comfort.This summer , Firdous has a tremendous surprise for all its customers, fans and lovers in the form its exclusively lovely lawn collection  that has been recently released under the title of Firdous Korean Lawn 2015.

 In this collection, you are going to find beautiful prints and dazzling colors which will certainly give you a tremendously ravishing look in the hot summer season. Yes, there are available three piece lawn dresses in this collection (Firdous Korean Lawn 2015),  which are characterized by remarkable softness as well as beautiful colors like bright yellow, light yellow, dark grey, black, beige, bright turquoise and royal blue etc. These colors of flowers, spring, rainbow and butterflies in the lawn dresses  are looking magnificent  because they have been added here in the form of different types of   abstract, graveyard and Ajrak prints which are looking exclusively awesome combined with the softness of the high quality lawn fabric. Some of the items which have been included in this collection have beautiful shirts with fully embroidered fronts. Further, almost all the items in this collection have shirts with noticeably embellished neck, sleeves  and Damaan either with intricate embroidery or beautiful prints. All the items are available with remarkably soft and fine matching Dupattas and dyed Shalwars.

Here I have some exclusively nice items from the same collection of Firsous' to show you and I am sure all my female friends will like these items.

Alluring Designs From Firdous Korean Lawn 2015

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6
Item 7
Item 8
Item 9

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