Bonanza Shalwar Suit & Kurta Shalwar Collections 2015 (New Arrivals)

Shalwar suit, whether it be composed of Kurta  and Shalwar or Shalwar and Kameez, always gives great amount of  comfort to the user. That is probably the same reason because of which most of the Pakistani men and boys love to wear their national dress in the all seasons of the year. In order to show their loyalty toward their national dress, different Pakistani fashion designers  keep on trying to introduce  new styles in  Shalwar Kameez and Kurta Shalwar  so that the national dress of Pakistan could compete with the national dresses of the other nations and no Pakistani could feel any sort of inferiority complex regarding  his or her country's national dress.

Bonanza Garment is, no doubt, playing a vital role in the process of beautification of Shalwar Kameez since its commencement in 1976, and now  the Shalwar suit designs  introduced by this organization have become the emblems of sumptuousness and  masculine charm in South Asia in general and in Pakistan in particular. A few days earlier the same Bonanza Garment has expanded its product list by adding in it some new designs of  Kurta Shalwar and Shalwar Kameez suits and all these designs have been brought into the market under the titles of Bonanza  Kurta Shalwar 2015 and Bonanza  Shalwar Suits 2015 respectively.

Awesome Design  Introduced By Bonanza Which Can Enhance Your Masculine Charm Considerably

Well, almost all these newly introduced suits by Bonanza Garment  are either made of blended fabric or pure cotton and have been made available in various faded as well as flamboyant shade of different colors including grey, olive green, turquoise, blue, beige, brown and maroon etc. Though all the Kurtas and Kameez here are characterized by flawless cutting and stitching, but totally deprived of any sort of embroidered embellishment save from a few exceptions where you can see remarkably beautiful and intricate embroidered patterns on collars and plackets. In short these items have a great number of features which can enhance your masculine attraction to a great extent and make you feel proud of the elegance of  your national dress.

New  Designs From Bonanza  Kurta Shalwar Collection 2015 

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6
Item 7

New Designs From Bonanza Shalwar Kameez Collection 2015

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
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