Jashn-e-Azadi Collection 2015 (Amazing Blend Of Creativity & Patriotism By Bonanza )

It is obviously pointless to say that each and every civilized man, woman and child has some emotional attachment with his or her motherland. All the nations regardless the severity of their economic, political and social issues, usually do not let their special days pass uncelebrated. Like the people belonging to different other nations, people of Pakistan too, love their country with the depth of their hearts and commemorate every year in the month of August  the  very special day ( August 14th, 1947) when their dear homeland came into being. That is precisely why, in the current month  most of the Pakistan based fashion designers and textile manufacturers are busy in blending their creative talent with their intense patriotism remarkably successfully and putting forth astonishingly glamorous outcome. Bonanza Garments is, of course, one among those textile manufacturers from Pakistan which are really overwhelmed by the love of their country and have certainly done a great job to make their female  customers more than happier on this special occasion. Yes, Bonanza Garments has launched a small but tremendously lovely collection named Jashan-e-Azadi Collection 2015 for its female  fans and customers.
Digitally printed silk scarf in black

Jashan-e-Azadi Collection 2015 by Bonanza Garments has brought forth just four items which are including:

 A beautiful scarf made of glimmering black silk, which is looking really cool with digitally printed word Pakistan on it numerous times in Urdu and awesome digitally printed   geometrical patterns on the border.
A printed full sleeved  lawn Kurti in dark green which is looking remarkably unique with  stylish collars, nicely woven red and yellow lace (which has been sewn separately right beneath the placket) and countless pairs of small crescents and stars flawlessly printed on it.
A beautiful full sleeved lawn  Kurti in white and light grey, on which the word 'Pakistan' is very nicely printed hundreds of times in Urdu inside the printed grey circles. In the same Kurti, you can clearly observe the printed shadows of Meenar-e-Pakistan  on Damaan and a thin but elegant green shaded Patti (which is displaying a delicate line of stars) on Damaan and placket. Further, at the bottom of the placket of the same Kurti there can be seen three miniature Pakistani flags sewn separately one after the other.
A  full sleeved  short V-necked lawn Kurti in lime green, which is also displaying the word Pakistan in Urdu hundreds of times in tiny dark green and yellow coin shaped printed circles.
In short, this collection is beautiful and  unique in many ways and by putting on any item out of it you can express your emotional attachment toward your country and heartily enjoy the different functions and parties which are going to be held  in regard of Pakistan's independence day.

 Jashn-e-Azadi Collection 2015 Proudly Lauched By Bonanza

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
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