Light Colored Dresses Embellished With Adda Work From Zara Shahjahan Luxury Pret 2015

Whenever it comes to discuss about the luxury ready to wear clothing for women belonging to South Asian territories, the name of  Zara Shahjahan jumps into many minds really abruptly. Zara Shahjahan is a talented Lahori girl who started her journey in the field of dress designing in the year 2004, right after the completion of her graduation from Lahore’s National College of Arts. Well, this beloved fashion artist from Lahore has recently  impressed a host of fashion lovers by adding a few  extraordinarily  beautiful light colored fancy dresses  for women in her already launched Zara Shahajahan  Luxury Pret Collection 2015.
Elegant Feminine Suit Especially Designed For Formal Use

Newly added dresses in Zara Shahjahan Luxury Pret Collection 2015 have been basically styled with remarkably alluring cuts as well as flawless stitching and ( as I have mentioned earlier) available in excessively light sort of  colors including beige, light green and light pink etc. Of course, no sensible fashion lover is going to  stop himself or herself from liking :

A gorgeous organza jacket in light green, which is embellished with intricately done traditional Adda work, and provided with a trendy multi head under shirt.

 A sleeveless shallow necked stylish side drape shirt in light pink, which is embellished with Adda work on neckline.
A panelled multi head full sleeved shirt in beige, which is adorned with Adda work , Tilla and Doris.

A light pink sleeveless asymmetrical A lined shirt, which is looking awesome with Adda work on shoulders  and lovely hem on Damaan.
A panelled multi head full sleeved frock in light grey, which is embellished with Adda work and a host of glimmering  pearls.

All these lovely uppers are available with flawlessly stitched silk trousers which are adorned with either lovely hems or magnificent Adda work and gonging to give you a supernal appearance like any beautiful character of traditional eastern fairytales. So enjoys the currently going on marriage season by applying the fantastic ideas of Zara Shahjahan upon your outward appearance and collect appreciation  from everyone.

Trendy Ready To Wear Suits For Women Recently Designed By Zara Shahjahan

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Note : In order to read more about Zara Shahjahan Luxury Pret Collection 2015, kindly follow the link given below:
Zara Shahjahan : Luxury PRET Collection 2015

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