Mera Pakistan Collection 2015 ( Experiments With Green By Zainab Chottani)

Lo and behold……! The entire Pakistan has discarded away its usual colorless aspect and turned into  a dark green country abruptly.  This sudden transformation is certainly not caused by any sort of magic or  the presence of  fresh and shiny dark green grass that grew all by itself everywhere right after the heavy rainfall in the region .  Of course, the major cause of this overwhelming but scattered greenery is the presence of various large and small  proudly fluttering Pakistani flags which have been placed with great love and respect on the roofs of all the houses, schools, offices as well as on the  vehicles all over the country.

 Yes, it’s the month of August which is currently going on and in this month we (Pakistanis) are supposed to celebrate our precious independence with great zeal and fervor.  Well, our enthusiastic fashion designers too, are actively participating in filling green color in the already  plush green scenario of independence by launching collections composed of elegant green colored dresses. For instance, dear Zainab Chottani has launched a small but very unique and impressive collection under the head of  Mera Pakistan Collection 2015.
Awesome Illustration Of Zainab Chottani's Patriotism

In Mera Pakistan Collection 2015, Zainab Chottani has included just four items which are looking really cool with unique designs and overwhelming presence of  the different shades of green.  For instance in this collection there is available:
A dark green and black charmeuse shirt,  in which digitally printed famous  Urdu poetry  (by Allama Iqbal ) can clearly be seen on the  sleeves. Further, on the back of the same shirt   there can be seen the digitally printed  slogan 'Pakistan Zindabad' (long live Pakistan) encircled by white circle.
A beautiful whit net panalled shirt which is very nicely embellished with two and five rupee coins on the bodice and an intricately embroidered pair of crescent and star on the back. This lovely shirt is provided with equally lovely digitally printed green chiffon Dupatta which can be proved a perfect illustration of the depth of your patriotism toward your country.
Go Green front open net shirt which is really uniquely adorned with gold and silver embroidery as well as real five rupee Pakistani coins on the sleeves and placket .
A turquoise front open net shirt which is characterized by awesome truck art and nicely designed black and white collars, placket and Damaan. Further, the same shirt has baggy sleeves with very hard and tight colorfully embroidered cuffs and  nicely designed back which is adorned with beautifully embroidered colorful bunch,  the phrase Aman Pakistan and a famous naughty phrase Pappu yaar Tang Na Kar (don’t tease me cute little friend).
So wear green in its best form  and feel happy and proud because of being a confident  citizen of an independent sweet  country.

Unique Designs From Mera Pakistan Collection 2015 By Zainab Chottani

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
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