Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Cotton Tunic Collection 2015 (Trendy Tunics With Pants)

At last, excessively hot weather of South Asian territories including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh has been changed into  slightly chill but considerably pleasant one, and this abrupt change in weather has literally caused the great diminution of women’s interest in thin lawn summer suits. Of course, women and girls belonging to South Asian territories have now begun to take interest in cotton suits because in pleasantly wet and slightly  chill weather of August, such suits might be proved far more comfortable than  suits made of lawn or any other fabric. Our dear Sobia Nazir has taken this abruptly altered mood of women into her nice consideration and put forth  a good number of ready to wear embroidered cotton tunics for sale in the market under the head of Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Cotton Tunic Collection 2015.


No doubt, Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Cotton Tunic Collection 2015 is wonderful in many ways. For instance, the designer  has used superior quality cotton fabric, which is characterized by remarkably detailed beautiful digital prints and fantastic color combinations,  in the preparation of these tunics. Further, all these tunics are slightly baggy, full sleeved and short in length and looking stylish with long and thin nicely designed plackets. Well, along with all these fantastic features,  Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Cotton Tunic Collection 2015 is certainly going to make all the embroidery lovers happy with itself too, because each and every tunic in  this collection is very nicely decorated with a beautifully embroidered neckline. Moreover, in order to make this collection perfect, designer has happily added with each item  an either asymmetric or straight flawlessly stitched  embroidered    pants or trouser in white, black or other matching color. So have a pleasant appearance in the pleasant weather of August by putting on colorful and trendy tunics designed by Sobia Nazir.

Ready To Wear Digitally Printed Cotton Tunics With Embroidered Asymmetric Or Straight Pants 

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