Zainab Chottani Eid Pret 2015 (Breathtaking Appearance Generator)

Like Eid-ul-Fitr , Eid-ul-Azha  too  is a big occasion for the Muslims all over the world. In Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, Eid-ul-Azha is often referred as  Baqraeed or Bari Eid (big Eid) in which all the Muslims with relatively better financial condition sacrifice animals to commemorate the unconditional love of Hazrat Ibrahim for God.  Well, as this big festival is about to approach and is supposed to be celebrated with great enthusiasm, so all the markets have been supplied with great variety of fancy unstitched, semi stitched and prêt clothing items for men, women and children.  One of the fantastic collections which has recently been launched especially for Eid-ul-Azha is Zainab Chottani’s Eid Pret 2015

 Vibrantly Colored Embroidered Suit From Zainab  Chottani Eid Pret 2015

In this collection Zainab Chottani has added nine items  which are either composed of  straight but stylish single shirts (which can be provided with chiffon Dupattas and plain or embroidered raw silk pants upon your request) or complete three piece suits. Well, as each and every item in this collection is so sophisticated by look so deserved  to be described separately. For instance, here in this collection  there isavailable a remarkably eye catching shirt in black with powder pink embroidery all over. On the back of this shirt there can be seen a lovely Victorian vase motif  which  is combined with glimmering beads, pearls, sequins and swavorski accentuating the look of it.

A fully embroidered shirt that is available in cobalt blue and ivory is looking strikingly lovely with organza cutout out border around Damaan and sleeves and sliver motif on each side of the neckline.
A shirt that is made of black and beige chiffon looking irresistibly chic because of being embellished with  maroon and red cutout embroidery on the neckline and embroidered organza border on Damaan and sleeves.

Ivory floral chiffon shirt, that is slightly longer than the rest of the shirts in Zainab Chottani Eid Pret 2015 and styled with prominently embroidered border and cutout embroidery on Damaan and  sleeves. Further in the same shirt there can be seen a beautifully embroidered vase shaped motif on the back.

Magenta and teal dress, that is going to be looked more than magnificent with bright teal colored embroidered  trouser and magenta  chiffon shirt that is adorned with organza border on Damaan and glimmering silver motif on either side of the neckline.

Mellow mint and green shirt, which is going to be looked really cool with soothing  combination of mallow mint and green. This is a fully embroidered shirt displaying damask inspired magnificent embroidery on the front and neckline and beige embroidered organza border on Damaan.

Pastel crème embroidered shirt, which is made of superior quality net and styled with pastel  embroidery and coral floral organza border.

Ruby red chiffon cape, a lovely dress that is made of ruby red chiffon and embellished with intricate pattern embroidered with matching thread all over and beautifully embroidered  black organza lace around the silts, neckline and Damaan.

Silver and teal dress, which is provided with a silver chiffon shirt (with countless intricate motifs embroidered on it along with highly embellished neckline and cutout Damaan), a silver pants made of Jamawar fabric and a strikingly awesome teal colored Dupatta.

So make your big Eid beautiful and colorful with Zainab Chottani Eid Pret 2015.

Awesome Fancy  Shirts & Suits From Zainab Chottani Eid Pret 2015

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