Hi, I am Sameena Rafiq, the sole content writer of Style-Plus 10. I live in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan and the provincial capital of Sindh. Being nurtured by dressmaker parents and grandparents, I have been observing the cutting and stitching of different styles of dresses since my childhood. My mother was an embroidery expert and my grandmother used to prepare a complete Gharara suit within two days, Chori dar Pajama suite within a single day and stylish Shalwar Kameez suit within, of course, two and half hours.  I have decided to start this blog to share my experience and observation with my readers and to feel excitement of becoming a part of glamorous and dazzling world of fashion.

As our fashion industry is getting more and more advanced with every passing day,  everyone regardless age, gender and marital status, wants to assume gorgeous and stylish looks and a host of multi talented designers are entering in the field  with untiring passion to prove themselves in the industry, who can over look this situation? Definitely no one........... But the issue is that, as most of the people, including both male and female of different age groups, find it extremely difficult to decide what to wear and from where to find suitable clothing on reasonable prices,  they often lagged behind by their friends and colleagues simply because, it's a time when outward looks are  being valued almost as much as anybody's professional abilities, behavior and character. So, if you want to be successful in any field even in your family life, don't forget to groom yourself because well-groomed people are always preferred in every sort of  environment and they are considered more active and deserved to be appreciated. 

By posting in this blog, I intend to keep all my readers completely updated about the latest fashion trends in South Asia especially, in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, so that all my male and female friends belonging to these three countries could keep up with the rest of their  fellows and nobody could snatch their  rights out of their hands.


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